Washington, D.C.


Masonry Design Award for Single Family Residential Construction, Masonry Institute

The Foley Residence creatively exploits the limits of current row house zoning to recapture the historic appeal of mews and carriage house, while drawing on other courtyard house precedents both ancient and modern. A formally detailed entrance complements both the street context and the modern garden-like character of the house beyond.

Great admirers of Mies van der Rohe, the owners, former Speaker of the US House of Representatives and US Ambassador to Japan, Thomas S. Foley and his wife Heather, spoke with Davis about designing a house for them that would incorporate elements of modern precedent into a new home in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. The result was a classically designed atrium house with a progressive sequence of perfectly proportioned spaces. The project’s unique plan and massing has led a number of architecture critics to appropriately compare it to a carriage house in the mews. Past the pergola, one first appreciates the massing, which is accentuated by two roof structures, one hipped and one pyramidal, across a flat plane. French doors provide outlets from the house into two interior courtyards, one with a fountain, the other with a lap pool.

DBA was later asked to provide sustainable upgrades for the Foley Residence, which included adding solar panels to the roof of the structure.