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Design Solutions for Water Penetration

Phased, Occupied Renovation

Repair and Upgrade of Existing Structure

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With help from architects and developers, the Anacostia Waterfront Initiative has been quickly transforming Southeast Washington.  DBA has been on the forefront of this renewal, working with Florida Rock Properties, Inc. (FRP) on the planning and design of RiverFront on the Anacostia, a 1.15 million square foot PUD across Potomac Avenue from the MLB National’s Stadium. 

In addition, DBA has been serving as the Architect of Record for the investigation, planning, design and construction of a replacement bulkhead at FRP’s property at 2 S Street Southwest along the Anacostia River.  The team began the project with comprehensive investigations including a geotechnical analysis, chemical testing and onsite exploration.  After the analysis of multiple short and long term alternates for repair to the existing bulkhead and the preparation and issuance of a Final Findings and Recommendations Report, the client opted to replace the full length of the bulkhead.

The final design accounts for multiple loading cases, including the scenario for the site’s current use (fully operational concrete plant which will remain in service during construction) and the site’s potential future development based on allowable FAR and Zoning regulations.  Throughout design development, construction documents and permitting, DBA coordinated with the DC Surveyor, DCRA, DOEE , US Army Corps of Engineers, DDOT, DC SHPO, Advisory Neighborhood Commission, and NPS in order to obtain the necessary approvals for construction.  The Construction Documents of the project have been completed.  The replacement bulkhead will be constructed of steel sheet piles with soil anchor tiebacks, and located approximately 1.5 feet in front (waterside) of the existing bulkhead.