the Pennsylvania lobby and elevator renovation

Washington, D.C.

Davis Buckley Architects was commissioned to design the remodeling and renovations of the major public common areas and select ancillary areas of The Pennsylvania’s interior.  As part of this effort, DBA designed completely new interiors for The Pennsylvania’s four elevator cabs which were viewed as not being up to the level of design and finish of the Ground Floor Lobby.  DBA used the detailing of the wood and stone elements of the existing Ground Floor Lobby as the thematic framework for the elevators and added polished metal and mirror elements that work together with new energy conserving LED architectural lighting to create a “jewel box” effect.  The metal elements also serve to protect the woodwork and wall surfaces from damage. 


In addition to the elevator cabs, after making measured drawings of the Ground Floor Lobby and ancillary spaces, DBA studied the configuration and function of these spaces and developed alternative approaches to the solution of several functional problems that exist with the areas.  In addition, DBA, in conjunction with the selection of finishes for the elevator cabs, developed preliminary finish proposals for the various ancillary spaces.