Corcoran phase 1 renovations completed

The recently completed Phase 1 Renovations of George Washington University’s Corcoran School of Art & Design were featured in Building Design + Construction. As the Preservation Architect, DBA worked with Leo A. Daly (the prime), on the comprehensive renovation of this Beaux-Arts building. DBA was responsible for developing design solutions to repair the white marble exterior envelope, copper roof and decorative elements. DBA’s restoration work included stone repair, repointing and window and door repair.

In order to assure that the new programming, modern utilities and state-of-the-art technologies did not compromise the unique character of this National Historic Landmark, DBA conducted investigations, assessments and documentation of exterior materials and conditions to ensure sensitive integrations and thorough restoration will endure the test of time.

DBA also designed a new ADA compliant ramp that weaves in-between the historic areaway and marble façade so that it did not alter the Landmark exterior façade, a character defining feature.

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