reginald s. lourie center

Bethesda, MD

The Reginald S. Lourie Center for Infants and Young Children is a private, non-profit agency with a mission to understand and strengthen the emotional health of parent-child relationships through early prevention, intervention, education, research, and training.  The Lourie Center offers a variety of programs and services including an Early Head Start Program for children, prenatal to 3 years old; a Therapeutic Nursery Program for young children ages 3 through 5; the Laurie Center School for children from nursery through grade 5 and Parent-Child Clinical Services.


At the agency’s inception, DBA renovated a closed 30 year old elementary school to serve as their administrative and educational facility.  To accommodate the Center’s complex program, interior spaces and circulation were completely reconfigured.  The Center’s spaces were designed to play down stimuli for children with sensory issues and “quiet rooms” were added where students could meet one on one with a teacher or calm down if overstimulated.  Classrooms were designed to be flexible so that teachers could easily rearrange their configuration depending on students’ specific needs.