North Coast, Egypt

Davis Buckley Architects and Planners (DBA) was the design architect and planner for a sustainable luxury resort located on the north coast of Egypt fronting the Mediterranean Sea.

The Legends property is made up of 490 hectares (1200 acres) of land fronting 6.5 km of Mediterranean Sea beachfront. The linear nature of the site, combined with the intention of the project to set itself apart from the existing resorts, adopts a geometric organization reminiscent of the classical plans of the ancient world. This dynamic plan sets the stage for a series of themed events as part of a comprehensive experience of this luxury Egyptian Mediterranean resort.

Three major water elements, located at the central, southern, and northern parts of the site, serve as the foundation of the plan’s organization and establish the major activity areas of the resort. The elliptical shape of each creates unity in the plan; however, each area differs in character regarding use and density. These water elements are connected by canals reminiscent of the Seine which align islands surrounded by the water elements with each other. A green space aligned with the large island in the northern water element reaches into the top “bend” of the site to locate and connect events there to the rest of the development. These axes lead to hierarchical points along the site and orient guests to their location in the resort. Green spaces laid perpendicularly across the canals and northern green space make nodal points, direct views from the west edge of the property to the Mediterranean Sea, and create landscaped areas in which residential development is dispersed throughout the length of the site.