washington episcopal

Bethesda, MD

During a summer break, Washington Episcopal School, in need of a temporary facility while searching for a permanent location, made arrangements to lease the unused school portion of Pilgrim Lutheran Church.  DBA performed an expedited code analysis and determined that the building was not in compliance with several Fire and Life Safety codes.  We then developed the scope of work required to bring the school into compliance with all applicable codes, and coordinated the improvements.  Working with Montgomery County and the Fire Marshall, we were able to get all required inspections and approvals in time for Washington Episcopal School to open for their fall semester on schedule. 


Years later, they were able to obtain the use of the former Mariott Corporate Headquarters as their permanent home; however they were faced with converting a former office building into a school over the summer break.  A code analysis was performed, existing conditions were verified, a renovation design scheme was developed and construction documents were produced on an accelerated schedule in order to ensure the construction was completed in time for the school to open for their fall semester on schedule.